Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings

Jeremy Scott strikes again with a new collection for Adidas Originals. His famous wings will be on the market on 31 of October, till then take a pick at his new designs. xx




Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming and for those who haven’t decide yet what costumes to choose here some ideas:


Holly Golightly from breakfast at Tiffany’s I think is the No1 costume in the list of every fashionista. We love the little black dress, we love Tiffany’s and we love Audrey Hepburn.


Sandy Olsson from Grease effortless costume ever I bet we all have a black leather jacket and red pumps let the hair do the magic in this one!


Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians we love to hate this character I guess cause deep inside we all hiding a greedy Cruella craving for more clothes!


Mia Wallace from Palp Fiction sexy effortless go!


Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby so creepy so 60’s


Cleopatra combine empire and sexy style.. why not?


shower sponge smart idea for last minute costume cost nothing


runner Forrest Gump funny (require running)

For the couples…


Bonnie & Clyde For stylish outlaws


Krystle and Alexis from Dynasty we love their epic fights as much as we love their epic 80’s style


Barbie & Ken the dream of every girl to become Barbie and have Ken beside her as well can be true so easily


Lightning Strike 


Nacho Cheese Chips cause we love nachos


Trophies cause we need to feel special and priceless (the still standing though is concerning)

for the groups…


Black & white trippy, I know!


Britneys Oops.. they did it again!

My Wish list…

Ok ok I know isn’t Christmas yet but a wish list is more like a daily “to do” list to every girls mind. We dream shoes we want that cashmere sweater, that we saw the other day in that boutique. and we keep adding things to that magic little (yeah right) list…so I’ll keep updating you every week with my magic little list… My wish list:


top priority for me is to finally buy those amazing Stuart Weitzman Highland boots


the white coat… this wither is all about coats ladies there are in all the colors… white, pink, camel, grey, black, blue, red, green. I just want them all!!!


the camel cape… I don’t know how much of me this will cover in the freezing days but I want it!


the culottes… soon in my shopping bag!

xo xo







everything from Zara, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell sunnies: Vintage

 Hey guys how are you? I hope you are all well! I had a rough week to be honest trying to gather everything for the next photo shoot. Time flies, my cold doesn’t help, my bad luck doesn’t help either. But we never give up thats our moto! We should always stay positive turn our back to whatever upset us in the past and look forward for that something new that will refresh us and that will bring us joy! have a nice weekend! xo xo

something different..

Stranger Than Fiction Joan Fortcuberta


Well.. I know is something that I’m not usually do. Posting about a visit in a museum has to do pretty much nothing with fashion. Although I believe that visiting a museum can make your brain think, explore get inspired it gives you so many emotions like fashion. Thats the reason I want to share with you this experience I had in science museum this week and whoever hasn’t go yet I suggest you to hurry cause this exhibition is until 9th of November.

Ok Im not gonna lie to you when I first got there I didn’t know what to expect I didn’t know much about the exhibition or the artist behind it (Joan Fontcuberta). so, when I first enter I saw some weird experiments of a Professor named Peter Ameiseuhaufen who was trying to prove Darwin’s theory by mixing different animal’s dna and creating new creatures. Animals with two heads or birds with turtle back, snakes with legs and the most amazing for me a gorilla with goats stands. I was start wondering how all those animals were able to live normally in the nature.  is this real? and I was keep doubting my self cause after all I was in a museum and this must be true they have photos, voice recordings, and notes of the experiments they have all the proofs. so I start feeling sorry about these animals.


Next room was the herbarium an other crazy exhibition with odd plant species that I was witnessing for the first time in my life and then the constellations room with photos of unknown stars and planets. I was amazed.


When I entered the sirens room I was sure that everything is a lie but then I was keep doubting my believes and what I knew so far. I was keep telling to my self trying convince me that they have evidence. staring all those photos of the fossils and the remains of real mermaids it was something unbelievable. I was like why none from school haven’t tell us so far and where is the internet? why I didn’t know?


In the last room it was an exhibition named Karelia, miracles & co. it was a room full of photos of a priest that he was doing miracles like riding a dolphin in the sea without getting wet bleeding from his eyes and many more. I was convinced that everything is a lie moreover I thought that this was blasphemy to believers.


I was arguing with my friends for what is real and whats not and finally justice came. a video at the end of the exhibition expelling that everything is fiction created by Joan Fontcuberta whose works investigate the truth and reliability of photography. it was a mind trick game and I had to admit that he got me!

I will definitely go again even if I know now thats nothing in there is real. We never ask for the reality in art either way. xx

Modern Schoolgirl





top & shirt: Zara, skirt: Stradivarius, shoes: Ash

Long Knitwear





top: River Island, jeans: Zara, shoes: Kurt Geiger

I couldn’t wait to wear my turtle neck knitwear, I bought the other day from River Island. I’m so happy that it’s finally mine it’s so cozy and stylish… what do you think? xo xo 

The Fur







fur: River Island, shirt&shorts: Zara, boots: BSB, sunnies: Prada

Well…I was never in to furs, I was living in Greece either way, but with this beauty I fell in love for the first time and of course is faux fur!

casual morning






coat: Zara, sweater: Forever 21, pants: Zara, shoes: Vans, necklace: House Of Harlow 1960

It’s getting colder and colder here in London and it’s one of those days that you are like “oh Gosh! I just want to be under my covers doing nothing” but yet you have to go for work. It’s one of those days that you really wanna wear something cozy and relaxed but stylish.. well this is my day just grab my hot hot tea and head to work in my new cozy Zara coat and my relaxed stylish Vans. hope you like it! xx







jacket: Zara, top: Obey, dress: H&M, beanie: Portobello