total black






top: Zara, vest: H&M, shorts: Zara, shoes: Zara, sunglasses: RayBan, necklace: H&M, ring: House Of Harlow 1960


9 thoughts on “total black

  1. You are so chic and your posing is so natural! Love those shorts and I’m glad you didn’t over do with studded shoes. It is absolutely perfect as always! Hey Ive been meaning to ask you are you fluent in English? Have you always lived in Greece?

    • Thank you sweetie! No I don’t think I’m fluent at all I wish I had a British accent though. I was born and raised in Greece but I’m thinking to move in Australia in the future due to economical crisis here.

      • Oh yeah? You speak very well, I thought you lived in America. I love Australian accent! Is it easy to get a Visa there. Anyway as the Australian say “Have a good day Mate!”

      • probably you faced some problems with italians( who doesnt speak English at all) to say that for me! here in Greece the majority of population speaks English at the age of 3! thank u 😀 i wish i make it to live for a while abroad! have a nice week 🙂 xx

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