dress: H&M, shoes: Zara, braceletes: H&M, necklace: Fullah Sugah



12 thoughts on “horses

  1. You are such a Doll. Love the dress, Sicilians eat horse, if I walked around in that dress, Id be eaten. 🙂 Bad joke. Anyway I love how you paired the shoes with the amazing dress. So cute. How often do you shop? You should do a shoe post…. 🙂

    • Ha ha! Ok I won’t wear it when I’ll come to Italy !!! Due to my work I go to shops daily but I do shopping once or twice a week (depends how much money I have!!). Post with shoes? Have something particular on mind?? I didn’t lighting my hair it’s sun effect but thank you dear 😉

      • Ah! I just dyed my hair like 2 weeks ago and already the ombré is coming back! My hair won’t hold color! With the shoes, take a artistic photo of all your shoes lined up….:) just a thought. I’m envious of your shoe collection!!!!!!

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